Befriend your local Ironmonger.

When we moved in to Al Barari the atrium proved problematic in terms of lighting. It was impossible to find a light fixture that was anywhere near big enough to do justice to the space, and when I did it was 6 figures. I patiently explained to my husband that he needed to get the cheque book out, but I got a resounding “No Way!”

I had to get creative. So I contacted an Ironmongers ( yes there is one in Al Quoz) and they came and had a look. We looked at several designs but I needed something that for the size wouldn’t bring the ceiling down and also wanted something that cast some atmospheric patterns along the walls at night when it was dark.

This is what we came up with. When it was delivered and sat in the garden, waiting for the scaffolding and army of people to hang it, we managed to get 6 people to stand in it which gives you an idea of its size.

It looks fabulous at night and gets so many comments. And the cost? Less than 3000 Aed.

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