The Perfect Kitchen

This kitchen, along with the one in my French house are my favourite kitchens ever. Ive never really warmed to a kitchen with stark lines and contemporary emptiness. To me a kitchen thats not packed with appliances, tea pots, jugs and a cosiness you want to just make a mug of coffee and pull out a recipe book is more my style. I like a Nigella kitchen and my only nod to technology is my mac in the corner which is as useful to pull up a recipe video on youtube as it is to catch up on my soaps whilst cooking supper.

You should always have seating in a kitchen if possible. A breakfast bar usually lends itself to spindly wooden stools or chrome and plastic contraptions that you require a degree in gymnastics to stay upright on. I like comfort so if I cant have a sofa or an armchair then Ill take some nice chunky upholstered bar stools. I admit that they are recovered every couple of years due to spillages but I’d rather that than shiny plastic practicality.

The kitchen in my house is where we congregate. While dinner is being cooked, homework done, radio being listened to and it really is the heart of the home.

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