The Colour Palette

Im an ornament addict I admit. Nothing makes me happier than browsing the shelves of the local Dubai shops for completely useless items which do nothing but pull a colour scheme together. Candles are my favourite cheap must have and I cant do a grocery shop without throwing in a few coloured candles to cluster on a tray or next to the bath, that followed by cushions of which I have hundreds. I always make sure I buy covers not filled cushions or I would need an extension to store them all, but I digress, back to ornaments.

A little lidded pot or what used to be called an ashtray (?) have no real value apart from pulling together a colour scheme, and when Ive finished a room, I often pick up small inexpensive items and rotate them. Especially cushions which wear over time, i will come across a nice cushion in my colour scheme and replace an old one.

Always remember though the ensure that your main pieces of furniture are neutral, I tend usually to stick to neutrals on sofas, tables curtains and good rugs. Its amazing how easy it is to revamp a room when you only have cushions and ornaments to replace in a new palette.

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