The Best Room

When I was growing up we always had a best room. My memories of it are sketchy mainly because we only went in it on Christmas Day or when we had visitors. These days its a luxury to have two lounge or living areas but I wanted a room that wasn’t for through traffic. A room that the children didn’t leave their trainers and school bags in or had a TV blaring in the background. This room is so light and airy its the perfect little calm haven in a busy household. a place to settle with a book and a cuppa with the doors drawn back to the garden. It often isn’t practical to go for light coloured rugs and almost white sofas in any busy house, but in here I can get away with it. No TV means no kids! I love the contemporary feel it has with the union jack style cushions but overall its more of a classical room.

The cowhide chairs do the same, adds a modern twist to a classic room. The slate wall was a master stroke inspired from a trip to Dragon Mart and remarkably inexpensive but does add texture and interest again on a shoestring.

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