Art is subjective isn’t that what they say? In the eye of the beholder and all that. Ive always struggled with art and for what I’m about to say will be vilified by artists and interior designers alike, but I always struggle with art. Theres art I love, contemporary and abstract sometimes lots of bright colours and squiggly lines, I also love little haywain scenes of horses streams and meadows, framed in ornate guilt. Sadly neither of these ever look right in a room that doesn’t follow through with the same theme. Theres never an occasion where I can see a graffiti extravaganza on the wall of my country kitchen.

There in lies the problem. I have in the past struggled to find the perfect picture to hang in my newly decorated room without slavishly trawling the shops for anything that has mustard and black in, not easy.

I’ve even been known to get my daughters paint brushes out and dabble with the colours I’ve already committed to in the room just so I can get a passable match, and theres nothing wrong with that.

I think to be honest if you are an arty person, and especially if you invest, then its worth building the room around the art and not using it as an afterthought.

Good to know as well that the image I’ve used here is of a rolled up canvas brought back for me by a friend from Bali for peanuts, whilst the framed versions in Dubai were ten times the price.

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